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Briefly….Top Ten Tweets (Stimulating Times For Autos, Adverts, Regional Cities, Regions Near And Far, Risks, And Rich Barbie Buyers).

After a short Easter break, the Tweets are back. Over the past week (or two) we have noted a few of our favourite Tweets.

1. Regional Cities: Growth hot spots: Baotou, Hohhot, Yantai…lots of T2 RT @eChinacities [1]: How do the Cities of China Rate Globally? http://tinyurl.com/cvkzsw [2] about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

Comment: As the traditional business centres on the eastern and southern coastal areas of China feel the pinch from falling exports opportunities in the regional tier 2 and 3 cities are increasingly attracting interest and making it into Chinese and global city rankings.

Also see our blog post here [3].

2. Auto Sector: “The hope for every automaker in the world is riding on China”…and the Shanghai Auto Show – Bloomberg: http://bit.ly/dQJ4B [4] about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

Comment: Recent headlines have not been kind to the global auto industry, but China represents a ray of hope as consumers react to stimulus incentives (Stimulus policies have auto impact RT @Synergistics [5]: China car sales reach record high http://tinyurl.com/d4offz [6]1:39 PM Apr 11th from TweetDeck), and as China pushes R&D and restructuring (@GE_Anderson [7]: WSJ: Nissan and City of Wuhan…in electric vehicle pilot http://is.gd/ruBX [8]3:07 AM Apr 9th.

Also note:@Synergistics [5]Re-posting: China Retools its Auto Industry to meet Global Challenges http://tinyurl.com/c7j3r9 [9]).

3. Risk: @DanHarris [10]of CLB on China’s Credit Crunch. The need for good due diligence, contracts and payment terms is on the rise http://bit.ly/3aRDv1 [11]9:17 AM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

Comment: China Law Blog strikes again. Dan Harris highlights increased risks from the global financial crisis, and points to the need for more risk management.

Check out our posts on these issues here Risky Times (For Payment) [12]and here Due Diligence = Sound Sleep [13]. Or, even better, contact us for help with these issues.

4. Economy: More slow growth RT @China_Daily [14]: China’s industrial output up 5.1% in Q1. http://tinyurl.com/dfutp59:11 AM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

Comment: The spotlight continues to focus on China’s economy – the great hope! GDP growth has continued to slow (WSJ: China’s Economic Growth Slows in First Quarter http://bit.ly/qTS6C [15]. 6.1%, down from 6.8% in Q4 2008.9:08 AM Apr 16th) and exports to fall (Trade – AP: China’s March Exports fell 17 percent in March from a year earlier…less severe than February’s 25.7 plunge http://bit.ly/tqE7F [16] 12:34 PM Apr 10th) but some optimism is creeping in as the stimulus plan has an impact.

5. The Wealthy and the Rich: McKinsey report on China’s Rich: “Coming of Age, China’s new class of wealthy consumers” http://bit.ly/gLiOQ [17]. h/t WaPo http://bit.ly/14eIlj [18]9:04 AM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

Comment: China may have low per capita incomes, but those figures hide the wealth that is concentrated at the top. China’s middle class represents and opportunity for those who can get the offering right.

Also see our blog post here [19].

6. China ODI. Some interesting background to the Chinalco – Rio story in WSJ http://bit.ly/18hlgm [20] 8:59 AM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

Comment: The story of China’s overseas direct investment (ODI) continues. We have covered ODI (It’s a Deal For Chinese ODI [21]) and the Rio/Chinalco issues before (A Challenge for Chalco [22]?). This is a topic to watch – for business and the politics that come with it. Expect long-term strategic planning from the Chinese side.

While there has been much focus on Australia and Africa, Latin America has also been seeing some action: China ODI & TLC in Latin America. NYT: Deals Help China Expand Its Sway in Latin America http://bit.ly/UxB6V [23] 8:55 AM Apr 16th.

7. “Supertanker of American consumerism” or no escape? RT @chinasolved [24]: BBC Radio 4… on China consumption, post-crash. http://bit.ly/2mCbBe.12:27 PM Apr 10th from TweetDeck

Comment: Online interview from Quentin Sommerville in Beijing reports on how average, urban Chinese consumers are reacting to current conditions. The big US brands are on show – and China is now buying their products as well as making them. But multinationals will have to segment well, and work hard to earn their money.

8. Online ad spend est. $1.7 bn in 2009 $3.5 bn in 2012 RT @fonstuinstra [25]: Report: Chinese Digital Marketing Online Ad Spend http://ff.im/-20KDS [26]12:31 PM Apr 9th from TweetDeck

Comment: China already has the most people online [27](no surprise), but the online advertising market, like many others, has a long way to grow:

“In 2012, ad revenues are expected to generate $3.5 billion, a 24% compound annual growth rate from 2007. China’s online ad market pales in comparison to more developed countries, however. In the US, eMarketer estimates that $25.7 billion will be spent online in 2009, and $37 billion in 2012. Digital ad spending in China is almost evenly split between search and traditional display and rich media ads, with other channels such as video, classifieds and e-mail making up a steady 6%. By 2012, however, search will overtake display and rich media.”

9. Pushing free trade over protectionism RT @China_Daily [14]: China to ink FTA pact with ASEAN – China Daily http://tinyurl.com/dgbbyl [28] 3:12 AM Apr 9th from TweetDeck

Comment: China’s regional links are growing in parallel with those further afield (as noted earlier on Africa, Australia and Latina America). This is as much a part of China’s political positioning strategy as it is about the business of free trade.

“China and ASEAN, with a combined population of 1.9 billion, have agreed to complete implementing all FTA agreements by 2010…Trade last year between China and ASEAN stood at $230 billion, up 14 percent compared with 2007.”

10. SH shopper: “Barbie attracts me because she’s very feminine and independent…But most important are her pretty clothes.” http://bit.ly/otgr [29]8:43 AM Apr 6th from TweetDeck

Comment: Whatever you might thing about Barbie, it (she?) is an icon. We recently reported about the new Barbie store in Shanghai, but this quote got our attention. Still thinking about it…

“On contradiction”…and the Chinese consumer.