Briefly…Top Ten Tweets. Twice. (Two Weeks of Tweets – To Make Up For The Holidays!)

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Wishing you a Happy New Year, and hoping you returned refreshed from your holidays. In case you were not glued to the news over the Christmas / New Year break, see below for some of the news you might have missed.

Our post-holiday, extended China round-up covers economic views, reviews and previews, hot issues, some practical advice, and other useful news from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed…

1. RMB, trade… RT @leonacraig: good op-ed piece about what #China will face economically in the coming year 3:01 PM Jan 1st

2. Top ten economic stories of 2009 in China, from Global Times 1:59 PM Dec 30th, 2009;

3. A preview for 2010 RT @gadyepstein: Whither the Chinese economy in 2010? No clue, but I made guesses. Forbes predictions on #China: 8:40 PM Dec 23rd, 2009

4. Gold RT @westlawchina: China becomes world’s biggest gold buyer in 2009 #china 3:18 PM Dec 29th, 2009

5. Contracts: Reality check RT @NiuB: The Perfect Yet Unworkable Chinese Contract. 4:07 PM Dec 28th, 2009

6. Trade: May? Will?RT @China_Daily: China may surpass Germany as world’s biggest exporter 1:52 PM Dec 27th, 2009

7. GDP: 9.6% in 08 RT @CDT: China Raises GDP Growth Estimates, Narrowing Gap With Japan: From Bloomberg… 12:20 PM Dec 26th, 2009; In addition, a couple of projections – Happy new year?! RT @China_Daily: China economy to grow 9.5% in 2010: thinktank 3:03 PM Jan 1st; RT @BullishChina: Minister: China aims for 2010 GDP growth of 8 pct – The Associated Press 12:38 PM Dec 21st, 2009

8. Branded in China RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Haier Group named China’s most valuable brand 8:42 PM Dec 23rd, 2009;

9. Exception(al) Huawei RT @joelbackaler: NEW China Observer Post: Huawei Technologies: The Exception, Not the Rule 12:41 PM Dec 23rd, 2009

10. R&D investment RT @christinelu: “China’s BAIC to spend $4.8 bln on R&D over 3 yrs” [Reuters] — the ones that bought Saab’s IP from GM. 8:42 PM Dec 23rd, 2009; Note the Huawei story above – it is another big R&D spender.

11. Banking on RT @chinaeconreview: RMB500 billion: The amount that China’s banking industry will raise in capital markets in 2010 1:23 PM Dec 23rd, 2009

12. Holiday reading from China Law Blog RT @sinostream: The Best Ten Books On China. For Business. 1:40 AM Dec 23rd, 2009

13. Taxing times: One to watch RT @fonstuinstra: China to Tax Offshore Transactions – All Roads lead to China 6:05 PM Dec 22nd, 2009

14. It’s complicated RT @ChinaRealTime…Stanley Lubman: Business in China: What Does ‘Playing by the Rules’ Mean?… 12:30 PM Dec 22nd, 2009

15. Copenhagen: Holy cow! RT @fonstuinstra: Why China would never have accepted emission control 2:54 PM Dec 21st, 2009 ; And more – RT @live_china: China transforms balance of power in Copenhagen’s negotiating halls – [G] 6:29 PM Dec 17th, 2009

16. More on PRC PR RT @imagethief: Reading: PR Week’s overview of the China PR market by @ArunSudhaman: 9:07 AM Dec 17th, 2009

17. RT @China_Daily: China grants zero-tariff to 90% of ASEAN imports 11:09 AM Dec 16th, 2009

18. Must monitor! RT @DanHarris: Reason #452,589 as to why you have to monitor the China companies to whom you outsource. 8:59 AM Dec 16th, 2009

19. ODI >$33.5 bn RT @NiuB: China’s overseas acquisitions reportedly to hit record in 2009 (MarketWatch): 7:28 AM Dec 16th, 2009

20. FDI +32% +BMW RT @live_china: Foreign Investment in China Climbs for a Fourth Month – Bloomberg [G] 7:18 AM Dec 16th, 2009

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