Chatham House Conference: Building China’s Communications and Information Future

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The China Business Blog is pleased to support the upcoming Chatham House conference on “Building China’s Communications and Information Future”. It will be held in London on 23 and 24 October, 2006 in Association with the
Asia-Pacific Technology Network and the China Europe International Business School.

The Chatham House website notes:

    Technology is at the heart of the Chinese boom. Electronic goods count for over 25% of Chinese exports. China is now the world’s largest market for mobile phone handsets, and number two for personal computers. Chinese companies have not only emerged as domestic players but are also following ambitious global strategies. Most Japanese and Western companies have recognised the importance of this sector by setting up factories in China or, even, research and development laboratories.

    Working closely with the relevant Chinese ministries and other key organizations, including the China Europe International Business School, the event will be built round a core Chinese delegation of executives and officials. The emphasis will be on the computing, telecommunications (fixed and wireless), Internet and software sectors.

    The conference will examine the emergence of China as a major force in world electronic markets. It will examine the underlying dynamics of this phenomenon, and will consider some of the policy issues, such as:

    • How fast is China moving up the technological ‘food chain’? What are the constraints on its future success?
    • Where is the technology coming from? What are the intellectual property issues?
    • Do the emerging Chinese companies in this sector have the attributes to survive and grow? What kinds of corporate strategies are emerging? Where does overseas investment fit in?
    • What is China’s market potential for foreign companies? What kind of strategies are they adopting?
    • How does China fit into the supply chain strategies of foreign companies? Where does it fit in a world in which outsourcing is increasingly common?
    • What does China’s rapid take-up of mobile communications and the Internet mean for the future of the Chinese economy and society?

    Confirmed speakers include:

    • Alex Blowers, Director of International Relations, Ofcom
    • Margaret Hodge MP, Minister of State for Industry and the Regions, UK
    • Qin Hai, Director General, State Council Information Office, China
    • Yang Hua, Secretary General, TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance
    • Zhou Huan, Chairman, Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group and President, China Academy of Telecommunications Technology
    • Jean-Luc Jezouin, Vice President, UMTS/LTE Product Managment, Nortel
    • Chen Jianfeng, COO, Hexun.Com
    • David O’Sullivan, Director General for Trade, European Commission
    • Christopher Paterson, Macmillan Publishers Ltd
    • Professor Zhou Qiren , China Centre of Economic Research, Peking University

To book online, follow this link.

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