China Blogs: That’s The way, Uh-Huh Uh-Huh…China Law Blog Likes It…

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We already mentioned it on Twitter, but (blogging being what it is) we thought this post from Dan Harris at the China Law Blog (CLB) warranted a mention (and a slightly re-worked headline) here…

China Blogs: That’s The way, Uh-Huh Uh-Huh, We Like It… Part III. China Law Blog

The post is part of a series explaining the thinking behind CLB’s excellent blogroll, and this time it kicks off with our very own blog…

    China Business Blog. This blog is written by Jeremy Gordon, a true China veteran. Jeremy has been in the thick of China business for more than a decade and before that he was in Hong Kong as an officer with Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas. My law firm has worked with Jeremy and his company on a number of China business intelligence and China business investigatory matters. True to its title, Jeremy’s blog focuses mostly on matters impacting business in China. Lately, it has about every week posted on the top ten twitter tweets on China business.”

For the full post, and more great China blogs, check out the post.

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