China Business Blog: 500 Posts & Lots of Links

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OK, so it is a vanity post, but it is also the 500th entry on this blog – so worthy of note (in my humble opinion).

Thanks to you (and lots of other readers) this site now receives over 50,000 unique visits a month (with more via feeds and readers), and plays a visible role in the ever-growing China business blogoshpere. The mission to “put China business news in context”, and to promote understanding of the wider issues behind the headlines, will continue (and as any China-watcher will know, there is no lack of news to contextualize!).

The links section of the blog is the other growth area, and includes sections on recommended blogs, events and services, news, business, organisations, government, life, charity and more. The lists are added to whenever new gems are found, so do take a fresh look from time to time. The latest link to be added is to the FT Business School – which has a series of interesting video interviews on doing business in China (which I plan to highlight in future posts).

Any suggestions or feedback on the blog is welcomed, so please do comment, or send me an email. In addition to reactions on the range of topics covered, I would be interested to know more about you, and your interest in China.

Thank you, and keep on reading…the next 500 posts!

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