China Business Bloggers Love…China Law Blog

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Lawyers often get a bad press. Sometimes it can be pretty obvious why…But good lawyers with interesting things to say, who contribute wise words to difficult debates, should be congratulated (just occasionally, and without too much fuss).

And so to China Law Blog (CLB), one of the really great China business blogs. CLB’s Dan Harris and Steve Dickinson need no introduction to many readers of this blog, as their words of wisdom often appear in these pages. They have also been kind enough to link here from time to time. They have even referred some business in this direction.

So, in their hour of need – and as the votes get counted for the ABA Journal Blawg 100 Awards – they can count of the support of China Business Blog – and a slew of others (including ImageThief and The Peking Duck) to put the word out and get the vote up.

CLB deserves your vote. And, if they win, more people in America and elsewhere will start tuning into a message from China that is told by people who know how it is…and tell it like it is.

Please vote. Thank you.

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