China Greentech Report. Read It!

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This report, issued for the first time, is an important, and fascinating, piece of work. The National Day holidays provide some useful downtime to read it (and it does run to 164 pages…).

Nobody can doubt the importance of the environmental and sustainability agenda in (and for) China. This research lays out the facts, along with the context and opportunities. It is a must-read report.

Kudos to AmCham, PwC, and The China Greentech Initiative.

Here is the intro:

CGTI Launches the China Greentech Report 2009

“On Thursday, September 9, 2009, the China Greentech Initiative (CGTI), with AmCham Shanghai and PricewaterhouseCoopers as its founding members, launched its first analysis on the green technology market in China, The China Greentech Report 2009, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2009. This study, nine months in the making, unearths the huge, untapped potential of China’s greentech markets, estimating the total potential addressable market size for greentech solutions could be up to US $1 trillion annually, roughly comparable to 15% of China’s forecasted GDP in 2013″…

Link here for the report.

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  1. China Greentech Initiative Says:

    China Greentech Initiative – Seeking Exceptional Candidates

    The China Greentech Initiative would like to thank China Business Services for encouraging its readers to download and read The China Greentech Report 2009. We hope that the readers found it interesting and informative.

    Based on the tremendous support of the Partner organizations, we are seeking outstanding candidates for strategic research, partner relations and operations leadership and staff roles. This is an opportunity to be at the leading edge of the world’s biggest new greentech industry, helping to develop and organization focused on providing value to the world’s leading greentech senior executives and policy advisors. Open positions, which are primarily based in Beijing, and some in Shanghai, include:

    Director, Strategic Research and Program Delivery
    Director, Partner Relations and Business Development
    Strategic Research Managers, Senior Analysts and Analysts
    Partner Relations and Business Development Principals
    Manager, Operations
    Manager, Project and Events Management
    Manager, Government, Market and Media Outreach

    For you or any of your trusted acquaintances who might be interested in these opportunities, kindly visit For additional information and instructions on how to apply, contact We welcome your collaboration in the mission to create a sustainable China and world, while uncovering commercial opportunities within these challenges.

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