China Insider Series: 2008 Beijing Olympics – Hype & Reality

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China Business Services continues to sponsor the China Insider series, which offers business people, professionals, executives and anyone interested in China a unique insight into how to succeed in communication with Chinese. We are pleased to announce the latest event at Great Eastern Studio in London – which could hardly be more topical.

    “With the recent media attention on China being largely hostile (or viewed as such from China), how do Chinese feel the Games will affect China’s business environment and relations with other countries?
    In a wider perspective, what benefits, challenges and opportunities do the Olympic Games bring to China?”

    (Note: [Postponed]- 50% of profits go to Western China’s earthquake relief)
    19:00 Arrival and drinks
    Presentation of Great Eastern Studio ‘China Insider’ training for Westerners about Chinese culture and for Chinese about Western culture.
    Talk: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – the hype and the reality
    Introduction of the 2008 Executive ‘Hidden China’ tour to Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in Autumn 2008
    networking and drinks

    Presented by:

    Roy Graff: Roy Graff, MD of ChinaContact and Director at China Business Services will reflect on his recent visit to Shanghai and Beijing and observations on the build up to the Olympics.

    Yu SUN: A cross-cultural consultant with a particular focus on Anglo-Chinese communications in Business. Previously working with Shanghai government as a project manager, Yu Sun has worked on many international projects between China and Britain.

For further information, and to register, visit:

Updated 28 May, 2008

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