China Telecom Calling for Foreign Investors

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While China rallies the troops to protect the family silver (as in the Xugong / Carlyle and other cases ), a report in Forbes (referring to The Standard) indicates that China Telecom may be close to selling a stake to “strategic foreign investors”.

    “NTT DoCoMo, Verizon and France Telecom have emerged as potential suitors, while Deutsche Telekom and Singapore Telecom have also expressed interest, but all are unlikely to make a move until the third-generation (3G) licensing issue has been resolved, the newspaper said…The company is considering issuing new shares, or its parent China Telecom Group may sell non-tradable shares to a strategic partner, the source added.”

Maybe China Telecom has been impressed by the money (and technology and expertise) taken in by China’s big banks, and would like some of the same. However, others on the China side may oppose still more sales of “strategic” assets to “malicious” foreign investors.

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