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China The Biggest…Double Bill Edition (Autos & Exports)

We have seen a lot of China as the biggest in may areas, recently in gold [1]. It has also been pushing for the top exporter (as reported here [2]). Now it has hit the top spot on autos and exports:

– Autos…China is big, and bits of it are getting ever bigger…- China the biggest… RT @billrusso: Business Week: China Ends U.S.’s Reign as Largest Auto Market http://tinyurl.com/yj9a93j [3]12:32 PM Jan 11th

Bloomberg: “China’s 2009 vehicle sales rose 46 percent making it the world’s largest auto market, a title held by the U.S. since the Model T Ford went into production a century ago.

The nation’s vehicle sales rose to 13.6 million units, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. In the U.S., sales slumped 21 percent to 10.4 million vehicles, the fewest since 1982, according to Autodata Corp.

…China’s vehicle ownership climbed to 51 million by the end of 2008 from 1 million in 1977.”

– Exports…China the biggest: RT @BullishChina: China passes Germany as top world exporter – AFP http://ow.ly/16ifsG [4]9:34 AM Jan 8th

AFP: “From January to November, Chinese exports were worth 1.07 trillion dollars, while German data showed that exports from Europe’s biggest economy amounted to 734.6 billion euros, or 1.05 trillion dollars.”

– And there is more to come…And it is not all in goods – RT @raykwong: China has become the world’s second-largest producer of scientific knowledge. http://twurl.nl/7rfjfr [5]R&D spending up 18%. 9:03 PM Jan 6th

…more to follow, along the same lines. Next up is diamonds. News coming soon…