China’s Stock Market: Better Than Sex!

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Well, at least that is one conclusion that can be drawn from the Reuters report that “The names of two banks and the word “stock” were among the most googled terms in China last year, according to a Google China list… The China Daily pointed out that “sex” was the most popular keyword for Google users in some other countries, but it didn’t even make the top 10 list in China.”

Given the heat in the market over the past year, maybe Google’s list does indeed reflect (a sad sort of) reality. After all, The Press Association reports that:

    “China’s benchmark stock index ended 2007 trading having soared nearly 97% during the year to become the world’s best-performing major index.”

And the outlook remains positive according top ChinaView, despite cooling measures and worries of over-valuations:

    “China’s stock markets will have another good year in 2008, but corporate profit growth is likely to decelerate amid tightening measures, analysts said.

    According to a report from Hua An Fund Management Co, Ltd., the trend of Chinese investors shifting their wealth into equities hasn’t fundamentally changed. However, the report said, the profit growth of listed companies would slow to an estimated 35 percent in 2008 from around 55 percent last year, as the impact of monetary tightening and similar measures began to be felt.”

However, not all are so positive…and the China Economics Blog posted a recent article entitled “The imminent China CRASH”.

As ever with stocks, everyone has a view. But, as 2007 showed, it is not always the rational one that wins.

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