Chinese Cities: On Top of The (Business) World

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MasterCard, perhaps having noticed our recent post on Chinese cities, sent over a copy of their latest research, the 2008 Worldwide Centres of Commerce: Emerging Markets Index for our review.

The report notes that “Close to 60 Percent of Cities…are in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa”. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Chinese cities are at the fore in the city rankings:

    The Top 10:

    1. Shanghai
    2. Beijing
    3. Budapest
    4. Kuala Lumpur
    5. Santiago
    6. Guangzhou
    7. Mexico City
    8. Warsaw
    9. Bangkok
    10. Shenzhen

The other Chinese cities in the top 30 were::

    16. Xiamen
    17. Chengdu
    18. Dalian
    20. Tianjin
    20. Nanjing
    22. Hangzhou
    23. Wuhan
    24. Chongqing
    25. Qingdao
    26. Xian
    27. Harbin

MasterCard are not alone in coming out with new research. UK Trade & Investment has also looked at this subject, identifying 35 regional cities that are considered to be of special interest to UK businesses.

The rise of China’s second tier, or regional, cities (and research about them) seems unstoppable. But, of course, China is not the only game in town, and some other locations in the region, apart from being attractive markets in their own right, are benefiting from China’s rising costs, as well as from companies looking to develop a “China plus one” strategy.

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