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Company Analysis

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Company analysis reports provide practical, rapid and cost-effective support that helps manage risk and maximize opportunity.

The reports can provide real value, as well as practical results for companies that need a better understanding of:

  • Partners

  • Suppliers
  • Clients
  • Competitors

The reports have a standard format structure, but can be customised to individual requirements, and expanded as required. Information includes:

  • Registration Details

  • History
  • Management Profiles
  • Branches & Subsidiaries
  • Operations
  • Major Suppliers & Clients
  • Development Plans
  • Financials, Including Key Ratios
  • Litigation Record
  • Bank & Credit Ratings
  • Overall Business Rating
  • Conclusions

Additional information can include such things as reference pricing, equipment lists, location and logistical information.

Company analysis reports have been used for:

Due diligence & negotiation strategy on a new supply source. The report revealed high stock levels and slow growth at the supplier company, as well as strategic targets for exports. The information resulted in an aggressive negotiation strategy, and prices were substantially reduced.

Pre-contract due diligence where a US company was contracting for a shipment from a new supplier. The report allowed them to make an informed decision on the business risk, and to go ahead with the purchase.

M&A pre-qualification for a US company seeking M&A targets. Further to initial market research, a long list of companies was analyzed before initial approaches were made to the selected shortlist.

Competitor analysis to assess market potential by reference to competing companies already operating in the market. Valuable information on market size, growth and other factors was generated.

The reports usually take 6-7 working days to complete. Please email us for a sample report.

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