Competition Could Squash the “Berries”

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The BlackBerry / RedBerry saga has been well covered here and elsewhere (see “Blackberry Sees Red(Berry), More Messy IPR”), and has provided some good entertainment or IPR lawyers and mere mortals alike. However, a new challenge to both services is in the pipeline.

A subsidiary of Lenovo (of IBM PC fame), Lenovo Chinaweal System & Service, is reported to have have teamed up with Visto to provide “push-email” services to the regular phones of current mobile users. Added to that, the system comes in both English and Chinese.

I am not sure on their pricing structure (though I guess BlackBerry will be reviewing theirs right now), but it looks like serious competition for the “Berries”. In any event, it is a reminder that competitors and new technologies (let alone new policy and regulation) can appear overnight, and can cause nasty surprises for the unprepared.

Does anyone remember how quickly the pager market dried up in China? It was before the batteries had a chance to run out!

Of course, there is no need to be unprepared – China Business Services provides market and competitor analysis services that can help to put executive minds at ease. Please contact us to discuss your concerns.

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