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Conference: The Yangtze Business Network 2007

I am pleased to introduce an event that may be of interest to our readers. The following details have been provided by David Lammie of Alain Charles (and the brains behind the initiative).

The Yangtze Business Network 2007
A networking conference that will provide a platform for Western investors and suppliers to meet decision-makers at the major Yangtze ports will be held in Shanghai on 12 April 2007. The Yangtze Business Network 2007 will be the first time that so many port managers and government officials will be gathered together for the sole purpose of meeting potential foreign investors.

Up to 60 managers and officials will participate, representing ports from Chongqing in the west to Taicang in the east. Each will bring with them details of major investment projects that require foreign capital, equipment, technology or expertise.

The event is supported by the Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs, under the Ministry of Communication, the Yangtze Waterway Bureau, the Municipal Government of Chongqing and the Yangtze Ports Association.

The focus for the 2007 event is on infrastructure projects: ports, waterway and vessels. The morning session will comprise presentations on topics that will include the government blueprint for attracting foreign investment to the Yangtze, the building of the Digital Waterway, shipping trends on the river, and issues relating to modernising the waterway infrastructure. Most of the afternoon session will be devoted to matchmaking. Time-slots will be drawn up for Chinese delegates to meet with their potential Western business partners and suppliers.

The Yangtze Business Network 2007 is designed to appeal to:

• shipping lines, shipping agents, freight forwarders and port investors who want to invest or establish a presence in the Yangtze ports;
• bankers and fund managers who want to finance various infrastructure projects;
• manufacturers of port handling equipment;
• suppliers of technology, port security and other equipment;
• shippers that want to understand more about the Yangtze development in order to utilise it better;
• manufacturers that are looking to relocate to the interior and who want to find solutions to their logistical difficulties.

Visit to Chongqing
The Municipal Government of Chongqing has invited the Yangtze Business Network to attend the Chongqing Fair, to be held between April 18 and 21. Conference participants will be invited to take part in an intensive five-day tour of the city, visiting all the major transport and logistics facilities and with the opportunity to meet major manufacturers and retailers such as Ford and Carrefour, as well as trade companies exhibiting at the fair. Fuller details of the event can be found at www.alaincharles.com [1].

The Chongqing Fair, organised by the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial governments in the region, is the largest trade fair in southwest China. The price of the trip, including transportation and accommodation, is US$3,750.

About ACP
Alain Charles Publishing was the first Western business publisher to establish a representative office in China, in 1991. As publisher of the best-selling China Business Handbook, now in its 10th edition, ACP launched a new China business title last year called Yangtze River Ports 2006. This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date study about what’s happening along the Yangtze, covering government policies and plans, and the challenges and opportunities for foreign investors.

Based in London, ACP has been a publisher of international business titles for more than 40 years. Its publications include Communications Africa, African Review of Business and Technology, Far Eastern Agriculture, Technical Review Middle East, Oil Review Middle East and Africa and Middle East Textiles.

Further information
The Yangtze Business Network 2007 will be held at the Regal East Asia Hotel on 12 April 2007. The full programme and a complete shopping list of the ports can be found at www.alaincharles.com [1].

For more details, contact: David Lammie: +44 (0)20 7834 7676 or email Yangtze@alaincharles.com