Counting the Cost of China’s Golden Weeks

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Interesting news from the China Travel Industry Blog, which refers to a China Daily article about China’s infamous “golden week” holidays (Chinese New Year, Labour Day and National Day) – which often result in confusion and frustration as millions of people migrate across the country – leaving the world’s production un-produced, and begging emails un-opened. The article notes:

    “China may overhaul a vacation scheme which mandates workers across thecountry to take their three weeks of paid holiday at the same time. The system of “Golden Weeks” was introduced in 1999 in an effort to boost domestic consumption and tourism revenue. But it has also spawned major frustrations with overcrowded tourist sites, scalpers charging exorbitant prices for rail tickets and booked-out hotels. “We will begin research in the near future on how to arrange public holidays,” said Wang Zhifa, vice director of the National Tourism Administration [before the] seven-day break for National Day. All Chinese workers, except for those assuring essential services, are compelled to take the specified three weeks off and are not allowed to choose to take their vacations at different times.”

The problem is that service capacity cannot accommodate the inevitable surge in consumer demand at these peak times. Change seems like a sensible option to me (especially as the government is trying to slow down the economy).

But I still have trouble understanding the fact that in southern Europe the whole of August is a holiday. However, I doubt there is any intent to re-evaluate there!

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