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While the FT reports a suggestion that “Your CV should make your closest friend gag but not vomit”, it also points to the case of Patrick Imbardelli, the chief executive of Intercontinental Hotels Group Asia-Pacific, who just “resigned” (as they like to say) after it was discovered he had claimed false academic qualifications.

The issue of false claims is a common one around the world, and China is no exception. My company is often asked to check out potential employees and business partners. There are a variety of checks that can be carried out, including:

• Identity verification – many people don’t think to question this most basic issue, but in a recent investigation we found that the target had been operating under an alias, and that a previous court action had therefore been hidden.

• Criminal record checks – most people are honest, but many with a criminal record would rather try to hide the fact, as it does not provide a glowing reference. This is an important due diligence box to tick.

• Employment verification – it is amazing how many companies do not check out the employment history of their staff. If nobody has time in-house, the task can easily be outsourced.

• Qualification verification – false qualifications are nothing new. Again these are easy to verify.

• Reputational checks – while the job history may be factual, what about the achievements? It is useful to know whether the CV in question is, to follow the FT piece, a “gag” or a “vomit” job. It also useful, especially when hiring senior employees, to know about someone’s reputation among key audiences in business and government.

As one of my associates in the risk management business likes to say, when people lie it generally points to a pattern of behaviour that will be repeated. If these checks are done at the outset, everyone can move on with a much higher degree of confidence. And the future CEO may not have to appear on the wrong side of the page in the FT.

The same issues are true when dealing with corporate entities, as outlined in some previous posts:

See news source:

    CV reviews lead to resignations
    The chief of Intercontinental Hotels Group’s Asia-Pacific unit announced his resignation following a review of his academic qualifications.

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