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I updated my bookshelf last week, and thought I should do the same in relation to some new online sources. So here goes…

The demand for answers about people, places, issues and news in China is almost as strong as Chinese demand for energy and raw materials. Some of the more difficult and sensitive questions require a little work (perhaps by our talented investigators), but many answers can be found online…too many to make any sense of them! So here are some sites, newly added to the links sections (see these on the right), that may help find some order in the chaos:

Research Sources:

New Blogs on the Blogroll:

    Bingfeng Teahouse (thanks for the link!): Wide-ranging commentary, with English and Chinese content
    China Digital Times: Well-edited, daily selection of news
    Imagethief: “Confessions of an American Spin Doctor in Beijing”

Now that RSS (really Simple Syndication) feeds easily bring the contents of your favourite blogs to your inbox, you can just let the information flow (click here, or on the rss button on the right to see our feed url). As we strive to make your life a little easier…China Business Blog is listed on a number of feed aggregators, including:

Please let us know if you have any further recommendations for us to share.

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