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Season’s Greetings: Donation to Support Rural Education

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This year, in celebration of the holiday season, we are pleased to support the PEACH Foundation, which provides direct funding for the children of poor rural families in Yunnan province to attend school. Our sponsorship will fund two children to attend middle school for 3 years.

Background from the PEACH Foundation Website:

    While economic prosperity continues to grow in the coastal cities of China, the rise of the wealthy class has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Of China’s total population, roughly one in six people currently live below the subsistence level. Rural farmers earn an average annual income equivalent to only US $80 per person. While annual tuition averages US$100 for a middle-school student, it can run as high as US$200 for a high-school student. Many children with the potential to excel simply cannot afford going beyond elementary school because of their families’ economic hardship. Instead, they settle for blue-collar work on the farm or in the cities to help their families.

    PEACH Foundation was formed to help children from the poorest parts of China with an opportunity to complete a college education. Our hope is to help break the vicious cycle of poverty and to raise the educational standard of the regions in which the children live.

    The requirements for the students being accepted by Peach Foundation are two; first, the family income of the applicant can not exceed $300; second, the applicant has to be among the top ten in the class.

For more information visit the Foundations website. Read about a recent PEACH Foundation visit from an article on ChinaBiz:

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