Don’t Quote Me (On China’s Rise)

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Another for our collection of quotes…this time from Tim Moore, Chief Executive of SGAI Tech, a high-tech firm that provides a variety of product development services. It is also a joint venture between companies in the UK and Hong Kong. He is quoted in the China-Britain Business Review as saying:

    “China is a train coming down the track fast. You can either get on, or stand in the way and get mown down.”

A bit scary…but he goes on to explain that they did “get on”, and have benefited from doing so – despite the challenges of “cultural” issues and “staff churn”.

Moore says he was inspired by Hornby (whose story I reported here, and with whom they have some collaboration), and made a decision to move some engineering, design and development services to China (where the manufacturers are located), while retaining the “high-end innovation” in the UK.

Clearly China is going to have an impact on most businesses in most places, and in some cases the competition may indeed signal the end for some that will not, or can not, adapt.

On balance, the risks involved in getting on the China train seem acceptable. Even if there is only space in the hard seat section!

3 Responses to “Don’t Quote Me (On China’s Rise)”

  1. andrew Says:

    You think it’s hard seat? I’m afraid that they’re opening up a new brand of comfy soft-seats at 5 X the old price. Things getting softer for new entrants, but pricier.

  2. Jeremy Gordon Says:

    Well put. Seems to me that what is true for the trains is true for the market! Unless, of course, anyone fancies a bumpy “jouney to the West”.

  3. China Law Enforcement Against Foreign Companies Says:

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