Don’t Quote Me (On Clarity in China)

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The Google announcement about their Chinese (.cn) site kept many China watchers awake through the early hours (in China), and has resulted in many, many, many comments. It has been a struggle to select one for our “Don’t Quote Me” series, but Google’s Sergey Brin has stepped up to the plate, with the help of the New York Times (h/t Jeremy Goldkorn):

    “The shift of [Google’s] Chinese service to Hong Kong, Mr. Brin said, was not given a clear-cut stamp of approval by Beijing. But he said there was a “back and forth” with the Chinese government on what to do. “There was a sense that Hong Kong was the right step,” Mr. Brin said.

    But he added: “There’s a lot of lack of clarity. Our hope is that the newly begun Hong Kong service will continue to be available in mainland China.”

    Later he added: “The story’s not over yet.”

Yes, there is indeed a “a lot of lack of clarity”. And, some might say, a lot of lack of reality in relation to the Hong Kong access issue.

Anyone with experience in China will know that “lack of clarity” can be your friend as much as your enemy (depending on what you are doing, and with whom you are associated).

But we can all be in agreement that “The story’s not over yet.”

And if you want more of that story, and some entertainment, check out coverage on China Divide (Google Does Evil: The Rise of Brain-Damaged Pundits and Google’s China Exit: Nicole Kempton, Are You Serious?.

So many quotes. So little time!

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