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Don’t Quote Me (on Corruption)

There has been a lot written about corruption in China [1]over the past week, following the detention of Shanghai Party boss Chen Liangyu [2]– and it is a subject very worthy of inclusion in the “Don’t Quote Me” series.

My choice is from an article “The Unpublished Lang Xianping Interview” [3]on the EastSouthWestNorth [4] blog, and is from an interview about corruption in Shanghai’s pension fund that was given (but not published) before the current scandal broke. It seems that the article was suppressed, and that it only came to light after finding its way online. Lang Xianping, who hosts a popular TV show, “Lang chats about finance”, said:

Well said. And bravely. While the media is suppressed, its role as a watchdog will suffer. Let’s hope a happy balance can be reached.