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Don’t Quote Me (On Guanxi)

Another little gem for the quoted and noted series..

James McGregor, author of “One Billion Customers”, has a lot of good advice in the “Little Red Book of Business” pages, including the following comment on “Guanxi”:

That advice rings very true in my experience, and it is a good idea to develop a broad base of support (from the bottom, up, as well as from the top, down), and to avoid being complacent about having secured “a great connection in Beijing”. Even with a powerful partner or advisor in place, anyone can be “kitto-ed [1]” (i.e. screwed) on short notice.

And if the person doing the kittoing is the same person who has (your) guanxi (as in the Kitto case [2]) , then you will be well and truly kitto-ed!

See “One Billion Customers”, and a selection of other China business books here [3].