Don’t Quote Me (On Luxury Lifestyles and Dirty Water)

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The Environment Protection minister, Zhou Shengxian, was quoted by China Daily as saying:

    “It is a disgraceful lifestyle to drive a BMW but have only dirty water to drink”.

He has his work cut out for him, not least as ministry work cuts across lots of political lines and spending plans. But we do get the impression that environmental issues are being taken increasingly seriously in Beijing as well as in the provinces, and that sustainability is firmly on the agenda.

Other news in this area includes draft rules for “green” (and perhaps more PR-friendly) Overseas Direct Investment (“China Plans Environmental Rules for Companies” as well as a proposal for carbon taxes (China Environmental Law: A Carbon Tax in China?)

Not everyone is yet convinced that the Ministry of Environmental Protection yet has the power to push things through, but there is no doubt there are opportunities for business and policy to work together to improve the environment.

Afterthought: BMW must be wondering why he did not pick on Hummer instead. Perhaps the prospective Chinese ownership…

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