Don’t Quote Me (On Winning Strategies)

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Over the page from China Daily’s coverage of Apple’s grapple with China Mobile, there is an interesting (PR) piece on GE. Jack Wen, President of GE Energy in China, is quoted as follows:

    “We have a saying: ‘If you come to China and nobody in China wins, you are not going to win’”

In contrast to Apple’s seeming desire to get as much out of China (Mobile) as possible (i, i, i = me, me, me?), GE’s approach is to focus on what they can offer China, playing up the advanced technology (and technology transfer) message while aligning themselves with energy conservation, environmental conservation, and local R&D policies.

Airbus did a nice job with policy alignment too. It is not rocket science, but it makes good sense to spend some time identifying areas where strategy and policy can work to develop mutual benefits – while also building up some good PR (not to mention business rewards).

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  1. Big Says:

    We still don’t know whether GE or Airbus made any money on the deal, if they include all the IP’s in the accounting.

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