Buzz Words for Building China

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A recent presentation by a Chinese government official at a meeting in London provided an interesting insight into current political and economic developments – and into the government’s pragmatic (rather than dogmatic) approach. Key words are worth noting:

    – “Imbalance”: This refers to the challenge presented by the rural-urban divide, as well the economy and public services, and economic growth and domestic demand.

    – “Scientific Development Concept”: This approach seeks “truth from the facts”, and aims for balanced development for the economy, society and the environment.

    “Harmonious Society”: Rural residents should be able to share the benefits of growth with those in urban areas, and social justice should be achieved for all “stakeholders” in the economy.

    – “Governance Capability” of the Party, which is critical to managing change and achieving progress.

It is clear that these issues are being addressed at the highest levels of government in China – and that we will be seeing a lot more of these words in print (not to mention, hopefully, results on the ground).

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