ChinesePod Affiliation Brings Mandarin Classes to your Inbox

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Knowing even a little bit of Chinese can provide a great benefit to those doing business in China, and the importance of Chinese language skills will continue to increase as Chinese companies do more business overseas. With this in mind, China Business Services is pleased to announce that we are now an affiliate of

ChinesePod is an innovative podcasting service that sends engaging and practical Mandarin Chinese classes direct to your inbox. It offers free and premium services for new learners through to advanced speakers. Find out more below (from the ChinesePod website) or give it a (free) trial by clicking here:

    Fresh, Convenient & Effective Chinese-language Training
    ChinesePod is an on-demand training product that enables users to learn Chinese on their terms – when are where is most convenient for them. LISTEN to the free daily podcasts on your media device (iPod, MP3 player, phone, computer, etc). Use the PDF transcripts to PRACTICE what you heard with a teacher, friend or colleague. Then REVIEW the key vocabulary and grammar on the ChinesePod website to reinforce what you learned.

    With the empowering nature of podcasts, there is no longer a need for dry and depressing language tapes or inconvenient classroom lessons. Try ChinesePod today and see for yourself.

    Our Approach on Learning Mandarin Chinese
    Successful Mandarin study requires the right approach. Unfortunately, traditional instruction relies on rote memorization, and formal explanations, with little actual communication. It is laborious and not terribly effective. Then there’s the CDROM ‘methods’ that claim they will have you speaking Mandarin in a matter of days. Do not waste your time and money on these – they just aren’t realistic.

    But there is an approach that overcomes these issues and makes learning Mandarin much more effective and inspiring: ChinesePod.

    Why ChinesePod?
    ChinesePod combines the latest podcasting technology with a compelling communicative teaching method to bring you the world’s first on-demand language training program. ChinesePod is a complete solution to learning to communicate in Mandarin Chinese. It solves the problems inherent in existing methods through a number of uniquely compelling features:

    • ChinesePod is ‘on-demand’. RSS syndication means that you receive daily ChinesePod lessons automatically on your audio player. This allows you to take the lessons wherever you go – to the gym, on the bus, in your car, or at the dentist’s.
    • ChinesePod audio content is backed up by a complete series of transcripts, expansion exercises, and much more. These are located in your own Personalized Learning Center on
    • ChinesePod classes are designed and taught by top experts in the field with years of experience in Second Language Acquisition, communication studies, and classroom instruction. You receive personalized instruction and guidance from the very best teachers in the field.
    • ChinesePod provides teacher instructions for each lesson, to enable your Mandarin-speaking friend to act as a teacher. Or, if you already have a teacher, the ChinesePod lessons offer a complete program of study based on a communicative method, with little or no preparation for her.
    • ChinesePod will show you how to organize study-buddy groups and show you how to conduct the practice sessions. Then we will help you connect with other Mandarin learners in your area to seek out practice opportunities and real-world applications.

    More about ‘on-demand’ training
    ChinesePod is the world’s first on-demand language training program. By automatically downloading the lessons onto your audio-player, you have the flexibility study the lessons any time, in any place. Lessons are kept to around 12 minutes and formatted for mobility. There are no missed classes, and no bus rides across town to get to class. We bring the best teachers and the best classes to you.

    Using this on-demand approach, a whole new world of freedom and flexibility opens up to. You can study on the beach, or during lunchtime, in the desert, or in Starbucks, at the gym or in your car. Whenever you have 10-12 minutes you can take advantage of it: traffic jams become productive study opportunities, waiting rooms become your private classroom. Make your time in the gym even more productive by learning one of the world’s most important languages – Mandarin Chinese.

    To understand more about why ChinesePod is such an effective language learning tool, we need to take a brief look at how Second Language Acquisition occurs.

    Understanding Second Language Acquisition
    Before you can produce sentences in a new language, you have to first begin to acquire it. The latest scientific studies indicate that Second Language Acquisition emerges through two things:

    1. Targeted input: This allows the learner to engage with meaningful/graded/manageable input from the target language.
    2. Fluency development through practice. Cognitive exercises and real communicative practice build fluency and consolidate the input.

    My twenty years of language teaching experience bear this out. Language acquisition is a natural, psychological process. There are no short-cuts and no method can circumvent the process. Too many people waste thousands of hours on unproductive Mandarin study because they lack this understanding.
    Your Mandarin study is best spent on a motivational program that balances a steady steam of targeted input with follow up opportunities to use and apply it. ChinesePod offers such a program. ChinesePod provides you with manageable input, in the right form, and at the right time, and in copious quantities.

    How does ChinesePod provide the input?
    ChinesePod provides you with a free audio lesson each day, delivered to your media device. Lessons are targeted to your needs, and delivered by teachers with years of experience. The graded stories/dialogs are meaningful, relevant, and rich in high frequency vocabulary. They offer cultural insights and practical information. Input is ‘top-down’, inductive, and cognitive, allowing you to think, discover meaning, and make the connections for yourself. Meanwhile, the instruction is lead by a veteran of 20 years of language teaching (and the study of six languages). He will provide you with powerful insights into language acquisition generally, and learning Mandarin, specifically. Take 10 minutes now to listen to any of the dozens of lessons to see exactly how effective this approach is.

And, for those learning Englsish there is…you guessed it…EnglishPod!

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  1. Jeremy Gordon Says:

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    Hi All,
    I’ve been using since it started and have to agree – it’s brilliant. A more fun way to learn a language I have yet to find. I have produced a Self hypnosis track to help me absorb the material quickly and easily and I’m happy to share it. Download it from my site and give it a go. It’s not a freebie I’m afraid, as it cost me a bit to produce and get it on the web, but it is about a tenth of the cost of a comercial CD.
    Let me know how you get on!

  2. Jeremy Gordon Says:

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    Glad to hear that we’re going to be able to work together. We also plan to do more with business Chinese over the coming months, so I hope this is relevant to your clients/readers. We openly solicit as much feedback and suggestions as we possibly can, so if you chaps have any suggestions, just let us know.

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