EU Must Get China Right

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EU-China trade issues are many and complex – see recent examples here and here. However, not to fear, a new strategy is on the way…

    “Europe must get China right – as a threat, an opportunity and prospective partner,” according to Peter Mandelson, the EU Trade Commissioner. “In the past we were running to catch up with the higher productivity of the United States. Now we need to run with one eye on those out in front and the other watching new countries – China, India, Brazil – coming up behind” he added.

While the sentiment is admirable, it does sound a little bit cross-eyed. Perhaps that explains the Commissioner’s recent tripping up over internal protectionist pressures. However Mandelson notes that he:

    “will be using the second half of this year to define a new, forward-looking agenda that helps to boost our competitive performance at home and abroad, an agenda that focuses on hard, economic priorities and adapts our thinking to the realities and challenges of globalization.”

His focus is reported to be on market access, including a reduction of tariffs, and non-tariff barriers (perhaps the ones he introduced?!).

See news source:

    EU to Review Trade Ties With China

    Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
    BRUSSELS, Belgium — European Union trade chief Peter Mandelson announced Thursday he will launch a review of trade ties with China this year, saying Europe …

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