Event: China and the Global Financial Crisis

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Everyone is talking about China, its role in the current crisis, and how far its fiscal stimulus spending plans will boost the economy and present opportunities for foreign businesses (China Law Blog has already noted an upsurge in Chinese overseas direct investment into their good offices). Others are also on the case…The following is from the Chopsticks Club:

“In response to all these questions and in light of the current situation, Chopsticks Business, Schmittzehe & Partners China Advisory and Chatham House are hosting a series of three panel discussion events in 2009 aimed at the business community to provide insight into what is happening in China and what businesses can expect. In other words, how can UK Plc prepare itself strategically to be an attractive partner for China over the months and years ahead? What is the Stimulus Package? How will Chinese companies go global? How can companies prepare themselves for shifts in consumption patterns? How UK Plc reacts, responds and engages with China during this recession will be critical.

– insights into what is happening on the ground and
– to prepare businesses for what they can expect next

Event 1: What is the China Stimulus Package? Will it work? What are the implications and what should we expect next?

Wednesday 3 June, Chatham House, London

The Chinese government has announced a RMB 4 trillion stimulus package. What is this stimulus package? How much of it is ‘real’ money? How is it being spent? Which Chinese companies are most likely to benefit? Last but not least, what are the implications and opportunities for foreign businesses and financial investors?

Speakers to include:

Jeremy Gordon, UKTI: Business Specialist for China, with special focus on the China Stimulus Package and the opportunities for UK businesses

Gareth Leather, Economist Intelligence Unit: Senior Editor/Economist: China/Asia region specialist; regular TV and radio contributor on China affairs including BBC, CNN and CNBC

Benjamin Schmittzehe, Schmittzehe & Partners: CEO

Chair: Dr Kerry Brown, Chatham House: Senior Fellow and Author

See more details, and booking form, here.

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