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Event: China – Opportunities & Risks

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Chatham House is holding a series of workshops on emerging markets, including “China: Opportunities & Risks” on Friday October 21st. Jeremy Gordon, Chief Executive of China Business Services will be a panelist at the event.

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    Focus on Emerging Markets
    A Series of Workshops and Briefings
    October 2005 – March 2006
    Chatham House, London

    Provisional Agenda
    Building on the successful series held in 2004-05, the International Economics Programme at Chatham House, in partnership with Oxford Economic Forecasting and Oxford Analytica, launches a new series of workshops and briefings on emerging markets. These events provide senior executives with the opportunity to draw from Chatham House expertise and discuss key economic and political issues in critical regions with Chatham House experts, as well as with leading political and business commentators. Each event offers participants the opportunity to communicate directly with Chatham House and interact with each other in an exclusive setting.

    For additional information on each individual session please view the programme and registration form or contact Alis Martin, Programme Manager on 0207 314 3632 or

    Workshop One
    FRIDAY 21 OCTOBER, 09.00-12.45

    Bubble economy or stable investment opportunity? Sustainable or unbalanced growth? What kind of changes will we see in Chinas economy in the next few years? What are the implications of Chinas energy and raw material demands? How will this impact on relations with the rest of the world? Chinas influence as both a major manufacturer and consumer needs to be fully understood and incorporated in any investment and business decision. Chinas political development will also interact with its economic performance. There are certainly political risks in China, but how serious are they? And do these risks have implications for Beijings continuing attempts to cool the economy?

    This half-day seminar will consider these questions with input from a wide range of experts and business representatives operating in the region.

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