FDI Up and Down

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Having recently upgraded the total (actual) foreign direct investment (FDI) figure for 2005 (see “More Mis-Counting – FDI“), it has now been reported by the Ministry of Commerce that FDI in May fell by 11.8 percent (to US$4.5 billion) compared to last year’s figure.

However, the figures for the first five months of the year show a small overall increase of 2.7 percent on the same period in 2005, with a total of US$23 billion invested. Another report, in the China Daily, estimates FDI growth of 5 to 10 percent for the year as a whole, with notable growth in the services sector.

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    China Says Foreign Direct Investment Down
    Houston Chronicle – United States
    SHANGHAI, China — China’s actual foreign direct investment fell 11.8 percent from a year earlier in May to US$4.5 billion (euro3.6 billion), the Commerce …

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