FDI: Up, Down, Shake It All Around

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FDI figures are out again and, depending on the headline you read, they are either up 5% or down 4% (all will be made clear below). In any case, there was a lot of it.

    • China Daily notes that FDI in China was US$63 billion in 2006, up 4.47 percent from a year earlier, based on figures from Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai (whose father Bo Yibo, the last of the Communist party “Immortals” died on Monday).

    • Forbes reports that FDI of US$69.47 billion 2006, down 4.06 pct from 2005, based on a Ministry of Commerce statement.

Clarification thankfully comes in the Forbes article, which goes on to say:

    “The non-financial sector posted actual FDI of 63.02 bln usd, up 4.47 pct”.

So it seems the financial sector is the reason for the difference in figures. Regular readers will have known to look out for this sort of thing! (see more here and here).

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  1. bob Says:

    We find it very strange that the same data can have so many different interpretations.
    In our view you really have to dig deep to find the truth. Headline reporting is aimed at selling publications so sometimes the reporter is economical with the truth.

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