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Gaming Market Chases US$2.1 Billion

The Chinese domestic consumer market is a hot topic, and one of the fast-moving sectors with young people is gaming, much of it online.

A new report from Niko Partners, referenced in BusinessWeek, says that the gaming market in China is currently worth US$683 million, and that it will grow to US$2.1 billion by 2010 (with compound annual growth of 24 percent). Key points include:

Lisa Hanson, the managing partner at Nikos is quoted as saying:

She is quite right that offerings must be adapted to Chinese consumers (and regulators), and the same holds true for other sectors. However, I would add that it is also important to take regional differences into account (as mentioned in a recent post “Rich Pickings in China’s Consumer Market(s)” [1]. What people like in Chongqing (chillied pig brain anyone?), may not go down well in Guangzhou (where they may prefer to stick with the shark-fin soup)…

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