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We reported here on the launch of the China Speakers’ Bureau, and have already been a beneficiary of the service through the provision of a high-profile speaker for a big corporate event in London. China Business Services is now an Affiliate of the Bureau in the UK, so let us know if you have any need for a well-informed view on a range of China issues, such as:

    • China’s Macro Economy
    • Change
    • Chemical Industry
    • Doing Business in China
    • Chinese Consumers
    • Finance
    • Globalization
    • Hospitality
    • HR and Labor
    • Innovation
    • Internet
    • Leadership
    • Law and IPR
    • Chinese Macro Economy and Reform
    • Management
    • Marketing in China
    • Media in China
    • Motivational Speakers
    • Risk Analysis
    • Telecom
    • Real Estate in China
    • Women at Work

We know, have heard (or have read the blogs and books of) quite a few of the speakers on the Bureau’s books. Just a few of those already signed up, include:

    • Crispin, Sam
    • Doctoroff, Tom
    • Flemming, Sam
    • French, Paul
    • Hoogewerf, Rupert
    • Schaub, Mark

They even have a new blog.

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