Global China Chat On Tourism

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China Business Services’ director, Roy Graff, will be taking part in a Global China Chat with Fons Tuinstra of China Speakers’ Bureau tomorrow.

Some background on the market can be seen here, on Roy’s web site.

Details are below, taken from China Herald:

    “On April 2 the China Speakers Bureau will host a chat with tourism guru Roy Graff on tourism and China, who will join us from London. We will address both the impacts of Chinese tourists on the international tourism industry and the domestic tourism industry.

    This first chat is targeting for participants in Asia and Europe; a second similar chat will focus on the office hours in the Americas and the interface will be up here, after the first chat has ended. We will start the interface half an hour before the chat starts, to allow participants to take their seats and get some initial information. The Global China Chat (part one) will have the following starting time

    9 AM London
    11 AM Brussels
    5 PM Singapore (corrected)
    5 PM Beijing Time
    6 PM Tokyo”

Technology allowing, we will co-host the chat on this blog…

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