Golf Piracy…It’s Just Not Cricket

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So much for Pfizer and Viagra patent (see here). Spare a thought for the great game of golf…

Many a visitor to China has returned home with inexpensive copies of brand-name golf clubs (in the range of US$200 for a full set of fake Calloway’s with carrying bag, I am reliably informed), but the current accusation (from some dour Scots) is that China is stealing the history of the game itself!

In relation to Yuan and Ming dynasty paintings, which may (or may not) help re-write golf’s history books, Fox Sports notes:

    “China’s ancient Chuiwan, whether in the equipment, the course and the rules – even in the etiquette – is very similar to modern golf,” Li Yong, deputy secretary of the China Golf Association, told reporters….Not only was it played much earlier than (Scotland’s) 15th Century golf, it’s also earlier than other countries’ similar ancient golf games. Thus, we can absolutely say that China’s ancient Chuiwan is the mother of modern golf.

I suggest they sort it out on the golf course. The history that is. The fakes will end up in court, together with the management of Silk Street Market!

Meanwhile, The Editor’s Blog reports in a recent post (see here), that China is taking on another worthy British game – cricket:

    “The Chinese Cricket Association (CCA) wants to have 20,000 players and 2,000 coaches by 2015. Media reports are even more optimistic, citing ambitions of achieving Test status by 2020(only 10 countries currently have test status), qualifying for the 2019 World Cup, or ultimately beating India in a Test match.”

No doubt they will beat the England team first!

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