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Go on, Google “Google China”, and see what comes up…plenty of news covering a lot of common issues, including the trials and tribulations of good vs evil, censorship vs freedom, compliance & complaints, localization vs long-distance management, protectionism vs free trade, and business strategy vs social activism…

The onset of Google’s current China woes can be seen here. This is a story we will continue to cover, as it should make an interesting case study, and as Google is still seeking a way out of the woods.

Some of the latest news includes a threatened WTO case against China:

• Searching analysis RT @KaiserKuo: RT @chinahearsay: …Google, China & the WTO: Financial Times Brings the Stupid 7:23 AM Mar 4th

Stan Abrams lays into the FT, and reminds us that “just because a government does something we don’t like, and even when that action hurts foreign companies, that doesn’t mean that there is necessarily a WTO action”.

As for China’s position, well, the China Daily puts out the official line on all things WTO (though that particular coin certainly has two, equally shiny, sides!).

• WTO: In case you were wondering..! RT @China_Daily: China strictly follows WTO rules in foreign trade: spokesman 7:25 AM Mar 4th

We posted some background on China and WTO here recently.

In terms of how to behave as a foreign firm operating in China’s internet space, the BBC quotes the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yizhong, as saying:

    “I hope that Google will abide and respect the Chinese government’s laws and regulations…But, if you betray Chinese laws and regulations…it means that you are unfriendly, irresponsible, and you will have to pay the consequences.”

Sounds clear enough!

The search for a solution continues…but it seems unlikely it will be found through the WTO.

Update, 13/03/10:

1. RT @raykwong: What Google Will Do in China (SXSW Presentation) @kaiserkuo at #SXSW

2. “99.9%” certain (& certainly confused strategy) RT @allroads: RT @ftchina: Google to shut China search engine

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