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Google.cn: Searching for Solutions

Go on, Google “Google China”, and see what comes up…plenty of news covering a lot of common issues, including the trials and tribulations of good vs evil, censorship vs freedom, compliance & complaints, localization vs long-distance management, protectionism vs free trade, and business strategy vs social activism…

The onset of Google’s current China woes can be seen here [1]. This is a story we will continue to cover, as it should make an interesting case study, and as Google is still seeking a way out of the woods.

Some of the latest news includes a threatened WTO case against China:

• Searching analysis RT @KaiserKuo: RT @chinahearsay: …Google, China & the WTO: Financial Times Brings the Stupid http://ow.ly/1dX9H [2] 7:23 AM Mar 4th

Stan Abrams lays into the FT, and reminds us that “just because a government does something we don’t like, and even when that action hurts foreign companies, that doesn’t mean that there is necessarily a WTO action”.

As for China’s position, well, the China Daily puts out the official line on all things WTO (though that particular coin certainly has two, equally shiny, sides!).

• WTO: In case you were wondering..! RT @China_Daily: China strictly follows WTO rules in foreign trade: spokesman http://tinyurl.com/yawfkfx [3]7:25 AM Mar 4th

We posted some background on China and WTO [4]here recently.

In terms of how to behave as a foreign firm operating in China’s internet space, the BBC quotes [5]the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yizhong, as saying:

Sounds clear enough!

The search for a solution continues…but it seems unlikely it will be found through the WTO.

Update, 13/03/10:

1. RT @raykwong: What Google Will Do in China (SXSW Presentation) http://twurl.nl/mzx7jz [6] @kaiserkuo at #SXSW

2. “99.9%” certain (& certainly confused strategy) RT @allroads: RT @ftchina: Google to shut China search engine http://bit.ly/8YNuKr [7]