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Google Gets Turned Off

Raises searching questions – WSJ: China Orders Google to Suspend Some Search Services http://bit.ly/TRman [1] 2:15 PM Jun 19th from TweetDeck

Comment: This is not the first time Google has been in the news in China. But it is also not (we understand) the only search engine to find “impure” content.

Expect more controversy, along with the Green Dam Escort (“Green Dam” built with “Solid Oak”? Reuters: U.S. company accuses China of stealing software http://bit.ly/FyAYg [2]8:20 AM Jun 15th from TweetDeck).

So don’t forget the risk factors associated with regulation and politics. See also:

– Past post present: We covered the last big Google China story here http://bit.ly/ZeE6h [3] 2:32 PM Jun 19th from TweetDeck

– State media says “sincere, but…controversial” RT @rmack: China Daily: Outrage over bid to tame Web http://is.gd/159Lx [4] #greendam 11:36 AM Jun 18th from TweetDeck