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Google, Rio Tinto & The China Business Environment

Two stories – Google’s exit [1], and Rio Tinto’s trial [2] – have dominated the China business news over the past week(s). While the cases are very different (see some links below this post), they have appeared together in many reports, and conversations. This is because they both relate to foreign firms facing problems in China, and as they are both part of a wider story about the business environment (for foreign firms).

The changing business environment was reported by AmCham recently (VOA, US Companies Feel Increasingly Unwelcome in China [3]):

The wider story incorporates many aspects, but a non-exhaustive list of business issues (in addition to the general, headline-induced nervousness caused by Big Corporates hitting a seemingly hard Chinese Wall) includes:

As we have reported, there is no doubt that attitudes to foreign business in China have changed with the economic times. As China has developed it has relied less on foreign investment [6]. And, as economic crisis has gripped the world, it has emerged as a more confident political and economic power.

Successful businesses adapt to changing conditions, and there are still plenty of opportunities in China (especially in the more open, less sensitive sectors), but it is important to stop and challenge comfortable assumptions from time to time. Rio Tinto and Google have caused many companies to do just that – GoDaddy and Dell, are just two that have already appeared in the news:

But it is not all bad news, and China is trying to provide some reassurances, as the VOA article also notes:

Overall, our experience of talking to, and working with, companies is that there is still a lot of interest in China, and that good business is being done. Chinese officials are also being surprisingly open and engaged. The key is to understand both the opportunity and the risk (from a stakeholder as well as a market perspective), to plan accordingly (but also flexibly) for the long term, and to avoid politicising the issues.


Some of the past week’s Rio & Google news for additional background:

Rio Tinto

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