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We are pleased to promote a new pair of business travel guides from our old friend Yintong Bester. Details, provided by the author, can be found below:

    “China’s increasing impact and importance, attracting inward investment at the rate of more than US$1billion per week, has made it the world’s fastest growing and the fourth largest global economy. It has become the UK’s fastest growing market since 2000, with direct exports of goods rising by 20 per cent in 2005 and 2006, and direct exports of services rising by 50 per cent a year.

    Following comprehensive research among business communities both in the UK and in China, London-based Chinese businesswoman, Yintong Betser, seized the opportunity to create two business travel handbooks – Active Business Travel – China (English) and Active Business Travel – Great Britain (Chinese) through her company, Active – Anglo Chinese Communications. The first single volume of its kind to combine travel information with business advice, it provides a comprehensive guide to doing business and exchanging trips in either country in an easy-to-carry format.

    The English edition of Active Business Travel – China is tailored for both businesspeople going to China for the first time or for the more seasoned business traveler. It includes a combination of new, up-to-date figures on trade and investment comparisons and business sectors, and a quick refresher on the information that will always be relevant to the Anglo Chinese business traveler such as how to use your interpreter to achieve the best negotiations results, and hot topics within the Chinese business arena. The handbook is informative on business issues and business cultures, including the networking customs in both countries and the national psyche in China, and it offers many travel tips. The handbook makes an ideal read for businesspeople on the go, whether they are at the airport waiting for flights or in a taxi between meetings.
    Yintong Betser is the managing editor for both handbooks. She was born and educated in Beijing, China and after eight years of working in England, founded her own business and marketing consultancy in 2001. Yintong comments: “Seven years of managing an Anglo-Chinese business has provided me with a wealth of experience and knowledge in bridging the communication gap between businesses in China and the UK. Through working with a wide ranging client base I realised that there are several common issues that face businesses hoping to work with their Chinese or British counterparts. This set of books is a tribute to all the business associates and clients that have contributed and inspired me along the way. I hope they will really make a difference to Anglo-Chinese business relations.”

For further information please contact Yintong Betser on email yintong [at] or see more information at

Happy travels!

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