Happy New Year (Projections)

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Having enjoyed an extended blog holiday over Christmas (guilty as charged by the China Law Blog!) it is good to be back in blogging mode – but challenging to catch up with a China that has carried on at its usual rapid pace.

Many more posts will follow, but a scan of recent news indicates a busy year ahead. GDP growth in 2007 is predicted, by the China Development and Reform Commission, to reach 8.5% 10.5%, while the 2006 figure is likely to be around 10.5%, taking the economy to US$2.56 trillion. Legislators will be busy with property, tax, employment, M&A and other laws that will impact foreign investors, while continued focus on building a “harmonious society” can be expected. And that is just for starters.

One New Year may be behind us…but another (a Chinese Pig one) is coming up quickly (on February 18th). Sadly this China Business Blogger is unlikely to have the luxury of another break. Perhaps the China Law Blogger(s) will take a well-earned rest instead? Stranger things have happened!

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