Happy Year of the Rat!

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We wish all our clients and friends a very happy and prosperous Year of the Rat – and hope that all those who are stuck in snow, or suffering power supply or other problems, manage to make it home in time…as AFP reports:

    “Millions of Chinese rushed home Wednesday to be with family on Lunar New Year’s Eve but for many there would be little to celebrate after the worst weather in 100 years in places.

    …But those who had not managed to get a ticket home were resigned to spending the holiday away from loved ones as the world’s most populous nation welcomed the Year of the Rat, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

    …The reason was three weeks of severe winter weather, hitting some parts of China with the most prolonged and disruptive snow storms in decades, seemingly catching the government unprepared and even surprising state meteorologists.

    …Officials had been struggling to get trains and buses running again, and while most key transport arteries reopened this week, the backlog of passengers that had built up meant not all could get the tickets they wanted.

    …The weather also made this one of the most miserable — and unusual — Lunar New Years in memory by disrupting power supplies, causing millions to face a festival season with little or no access to electricity and water.

    …At least 105 million out of the country’s 1.3 billion population have been affected by the inclement weather and more than 60 killed, the government said.”

Things can only get better for the Year of the Rat…hopefully.

(The China Business Services London office will be open over the holiday period).

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