Innovative ODI (With M&A, FX & Branding)

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The news of China’s Overseas Direct Investment continues to flow. Here we present some of the latest ODI stories, as covered on our micro blog, ChinaBlogTweets (see feed and link on the sidebar).

These stories indicate that (outbound) cross-border M&A is on the rise, with recent examples in Africa and in Australia, and that China’s massive foreign exchange reserves will help keep this “going out” trend going fast.

At the same time, Chinese companies are starting to be more innovative in their approach to M&A (with use of private equity, targeting of distressed companies and assets from bankruptcy administration), and are also becoming more brand savvy.

See the news links here:

ODI RT @caijingonline: Chinese Companies Pursuing Innovative Strategies In Foreign M&A Deals – JPMorgan… 6:56 AM Jul 20th from TweetDeck

ODI coming from FX. US$40.7 bn in 08. RT @ftchina: China to deploy forex reserves 9:46 PM Jul 21st from TweetDeck

Branding not auto(matic) RT @MediaAsia: Features | Chinese Automakers Begin Brand Journey 8:32 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

More ODI in Africa too RT @drlombardo: CNNOC, Sinopec agree to buy 20% stake in oil field off shore Angola 8:10 AM Jul 24th from TweetDeck

More ODI in Oz RT @TweetChina: Sinochem plans to acquire Nufarm china 8:07 AM Jul 24th from TweetDeck

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