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I am often asked about where to find Chinese student interns, and the question came up again the other day. Time for a blog post on the subject…

While a lot of Chinese graduates now head home to China for good jobs, there is a lot of value for companies in the host country to employ Chinese students and to get a better understanding of China, as well as some initial contacts. At the same time these highly-qualified and internationally-minded Chinese students ultimately return to China with some solid commercial experience, and a deeper relationship with the country (and company) with which they have been linked.

Two potential sources of Chinese interns are AIESEC and the Global Education Group.

The main source of student interns I have come across internationally is AIESEC, and they have a very active Chinese student community. One of their number has kindly prepared some background:

    • AIESEC is a global organisation which has been running exchanges between 97 countries for over 50 years, and can offer businesses a solution for their international resource needs.

    • AIESEC first expanded to Mainland China in late 1970’s. Now with local committees in a growing number of universities, it continues to attract Chinese students with a strong wish to develop themselves and an eager to work abroad.

    • There is flexibility in terms of the internship duration and the selection procedure of the interns; all formalities and logistics for each intern are taken care of, and interns are provided at a very competitive cost.

    • David T Kearns, former Chairman & CEO Xerox is quoted as saying: “Successful companies are those who think with a global perspective but recognise and understand the differences in each country’s economy, business practices and culture. AIESEC is a proven tool for delivering qualified individuals with this local expertise”.

    • For more information, visit OR contact (for the UK). In China AIESEC can be found at

Global Education Group
This is part of the UK-based Global Group, which is run by the very successful entrepreneur, Johnny Hon. Global launched the China-UK Internship Programme last year, and their website notes that:

    • “Global Education Group plc and the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in the UK signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 8th March 2006 to launch the China-UK Internship Programme, to help Chinese students at British universities find internship and work experience opportunities in the UK. The MOU was singed by Dr Johnny Hon, Global Education Group Executive Chairman, and Mr Wang Yongda, the Education Minister-Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in the UK.”

    • “Under the terms of the Memorandum, the Chinese Embassy will recommend Chinese students to the programme; Global Training Solution, subsidiary of Global Education Group, is in charge of the coordination and management of the Programme, to match a database of students with a network of selected employers in the UK. By joining this programme, Chinese students will have the opportunity to gain relevant work experience related to their areas of study at organisations and companies based in the UK, for a period of 3 to 12 months.”

    • Details of the programme can be found on the website at:

No doubt there are other initiatives in other countries. Feel free to share any such information here.

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