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IP Law Improved. Crackdown Carried Out. Sense of Humour Tested.

IP stories are inevitable when covering China – it has the most problems because it makes the most stuff, and is still developing – but, while enforcement is patchy (and improving [1]), the laws are generally thought to be OK. So, what is the latest?

Reuters has reported on a recent move by the Supreme People’s Court:

In another IP protection move, it has been reported by Asia Pacific Media Network, that a four-month internet piracy crackdown has recently been completed (with a high degree of modesty):

Full marks for effort – and inspiring honesty!

But, while the lawyers fight in court and officials battle online, others are taking a different sort of fight to the streets…with a sense of humour. IP Dragon [2]comments on a post by Fons Tuinstra of the China Herald, which includes reference to some humorous adaptations of famous brand logos by Greenpeace (“iMAD” for iPOD, “Pirateoff” for Davidoff etc. – see here [3]). So, is it satire or trademark infringement? Over to IP Dragon:

What? Lawyers having no sense of humour?!

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