It’s a “No” from Rio. But a “Yes” for ODI.

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As we reported on Twitter: “Rio’s says no to Chinese ODI – WSJ: Rio Tinto Scuttles Its Deal With Chinalco

This is just the latest news on China’s overseas direct investments (ODI – more here). It may have failed, but others have succeeded, and China’s appetite for resources (and the “odd” brand…like Hummer) is far from being satisfied. Other news in this space includes:

• ODI in overdrive RT @TweetChina: More to Come as China Grabs Resources – Wall Street Journal 1:10 PM May 29th

WSJ reports that “This time, it’s Metallurgical Corp. of China arranging $3.1 billion in financing for Waratah Coal and taking a 10% stake in the company.”

• ODI on the money – Reuters: China’s CIC ploughing $1.2 bln into Morgan Stanley 8:09 AM Jun 3rd

Despite having recently burnt fingers (Barclays, Blackstone etc.), China is reaching out into the financial services sector again…for a piece of Morgan Stanley. Someone seems to be seeing green shoots.

• As China (CIC) buys Goldman sells (ICBC) – FT: Goldman raises $1.9bn in ICBC stock sale 8:14 AM Jun 3rd

While the Chinese take a bite out of Morgan Stanley, Goldman has joined those foreign institutions who have been cashing in on their China investments – selling part of their ICBC stake for US$1.9 billion.

• China gets a whole lot more auto – Bloomberg: GM Says It Plans to Sell Hummer to China’s Tengzhong 8:11 AM Jun 3rd

And finally…a largely unknown Chinese firm in Sichuan is buying the iconic (?) Hummer out of the ashes of GM. Hummers were spotted in surprising quantities in central China. Maybe it’s the potholes? In any case, expect to learn the names of more Chinese companies soon…

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