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Jefen Who?

Ask about Chinese high fashion, and a few people might mention David Tang’s brightly-coloured, luxury Shanghai Tang [1]brand, but most in the West will respond with little more than a quizzical look. So it was in the fashion capitals of the world…until recently.

So, who is Jefen? Xinhua reports from Paris Fashion Week that:

The report indicates that Jefen is targeting the “international fashion industry and…European consumers who are interested in oriental culture”. Didier Grumbach, president of the French Couture Federation, was quoted as saying that Jefen’s show in Paris would have “an enormous impact in China”.

I am sure it will, but I suspect it will also have an impact further afield, where the entrenched western design houses and their suppliers will have had a rude wake-up call, and will be increasingly aware that China’s move up the value chain [2] will bring it away from simple, low-cost, mass manufacturing, and into direct competition with them. As Xie puts it:

Enough said!

Jefen Showing Off in Paris

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