Jeremy Gordon, Chief Executive

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Jeremy Gordon
Chief Executive

Jeremy is the founder of the company, and oversees all project activities. He has over 10 years of consulting experience in China, and was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of a leading Hong Kong-based consultancy.

Originally in Hong Kong as an officer with Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas, Jeremy studied law in the UK before gaining trade, investment and consulting experience working in Taiwan and Hong Kong. He has worked with some of the leading foreign investors in China, including companies such as Alstom, Krupp, Pfizer, Siemens and Standard Life.

Jeremy has written and spoken widely on China business issues. He has acted as a conference and seminar resource for organisations including the Economist China Business Group, the Harvard ChinaReview, SMi, and Emerging Market Conferences.

He has contributed to leading business publications such as the China-Britain Trade Review (China-Britain Business Council), the China Business Review (US-China Business Council), and the China Economic Review.

He is a member of the 48 Group Club.

Jeremy is also a director of Bagnold Associates, a City of London-based risk management and business intelligence firm.

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