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China Strategy & Risk Interview

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Jeremy Gordon, director of China Business Services and author of an upcoming book on due diligence, “Risky Business in China”, was recently interviewed on Propeller TV’s Business World show. The interview can be seen here, and includes issues such as the importance of policy alignment, cultural understanding, localisation, compliance and due diligence – especially as foreign companies are increasingly under the spotlight in China: Jeremy Gordon interview on China strategy and risk.

The rest of the programme, focusing on UK-China business, can be viewed here: Business World, The China-UK Show

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Risky Business In China – A Guide To Due Diligence

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A Guide To Due Diligence

Risky Business In China

Worried about risk in China? If so, this upcoming book by China Business Services founder (and China Business Blog editor), Jeremy Gordon, is for you. “Risky Business in China – A Guide To Due Diligence”, will be Published by Palgrave in September 2014:

“Risk is a major reason that companies fail in, or fail to enter, China. This unique book demonstrates how correctly-applied due diligence can not only reduce business risk in China, but also provide excellent business intelligence to support negotiations and business relationships. Based upon the author’s twenty years of consulting experience in China, this practical book is packed with real-world case studies of failures and successes, providing a valuable and detailed ‘road map’ to avoiding the most high-profile pitfalls of business in China.”

Risky Buisness In China can be pre-ordered here.

Some of the issues and tips highlighted in the book will be shared here over the next few months, but to keep up with the latest news and views on China risk and due diligence follow Risky Business In China on:

Twitter: RiskyBusinessInChina – @RiskyBizChina

Google+: Risky Business In China

LinkedIn: Risky Business In China Group


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